Best Yorkshire Pudding Tin?

You have the perfect recipe Yorkshire Pudding Recipe, and have gathered together the
Ingredients, next up – what is the best Yorkshire Pudding tin (or pan if you are outside the UK) to use?

Choosing a Yorkshire pudding tin is easy – it depends merely on the size of pudding you want to make. You can make Yorkshire pudding in any dish, tray or pan as long as it can withstand the high temperature required for cooking. but I have never had great success with glass, even Pyrex, but some swear by them. When stuck, I have used a copper frying pan, a Swiss roll tin and Victoria sponge tins. I have yet to try silicone but again, some say they are the best?

The most common tin for Yorkshire puddings is a 4-cup, known as a muffin top pan in the USA. The 4-cup makes side-plate sized Yorkshire puddings that are perfect as a starter or served on the same plate as the meat, also, the tin can double up for making small pies too, so useful to have in the cupboard.

For a Toad in the Hole, use a large, heavy roasting tin and a 4 egg recipe mix. Perfect for a smaller Toad in the Hole or square pudding is a 20 cm / 8″ roasting tin.

Individual sized Yorkshire’s are lovely for children, or, to serve as a starter with one or two per plate or placed directly on the plate with the meat and vegetables. For these, a 12-hole muffin tin is perfect.

In our house we like plate-sized Yorkshire puddings filled with warm, hearty stews or a chilli. For these use a Victoria sandwich tin, a perfect size.

For canapé sized puddings, a 24-hole mini muffin tin works best.

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