Favourite Recipes

Over the years, I have developed, tested, written and photographed thousands of recipes. Here are just a few of my favourites and you will find links to many, many more especially the body of work with Spruce Eats, which there are hundreds and hundreds over the 14 years I worked for them.

Vegetables and Salads


Enjoy my collection of vegetable and salad recipes. I add new ones frequently, so please keep checking back.

Baking Recipes

rock cakes

A place to find my favourite baking recipes in one place. I am adding to this frequently, so please keep checking back.

Fish and Seafood

We all should be eating more fish and seafood, here are my recipes which I hope will inspire you to do so. All are quick and easy.

Vegetarian Recipes

Burrata Superfood Salad

A gathering together of all my best vegetarian and vegan recipes in one place to suit both meat and non-meat eaters.

Meat Recipes

beef wellington

A gathering of all my favourite meat recipes, many are British classics.

Soup Recipes

A bowl of steaming hot soup is classic British fare. Here are some of best.