Welcome to Lemm on Food.

Join my passion for food here on Lemm on Food in all its shapes and forms. I love to cook which I have done from a young age thanks to my mum and dad; she cooked it, he grew it and my large brood of brothers and sisters have a lot to be thankful for the gifts they gave us.

My route to food though didn’t begin until I had worked my way through art college, and a good few years working in fashion design and teaching when I upped-sticks and went on what I fondly call my ‘wilderness years’ travelling and working in different countries. Ultimately I ended up living in rural France for several years and reconnected with my love of food and cooking and the rest, as they say, is history.

If you want to know a little more then check out the About Me page or pop over to LinkedIn where there is much more about me to keep you entertained.

Lemm on Food is very much my personal space to deposit some of my work, opinions and recipes and as a restaurant critic with the Yorkshire Post, you can find all my latest restaurant and pub reviews. Most of the images on here are mine, I am still something of a beginner at food photography, but I love it, so please bear with me.

I work remotely from my home in North Yorkshire, where I live with my husband and occasionally have a house full of kids and family to feed, which I love. For downtime, I enjoy yoga, am a keen sculptor when I can find the time and love nothing more than pottering about in the garden and long walks in the glorious Yorkshire landscape.

Have a poke around, any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.