Pancit Recipe

I am known, or so I am told, that my expertise in all things cooking is with British Food. Well, yes I am Yorkshire born and bred but my travels have taken me across the world and given me an eclectic, widespread love of food of all types.

One of my regular writing gigs is over with Spruce Eats, incidentally an American site but my contribution written, photographed and eaten right here in the UK. Though I spent 9 years building up the wealth of British and Irish content on what was originally The New York Times co (Spruce bought the sites several years ag0) nowadays, it could as easily be any cuisine I am asked to work with and I love it.

This recipe for Pancit is one of my favourites, it delivers all that I really love about the food I eat, fresh, quick simple and healthy. I hope you like it as much as I do.

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