16 Best Pastry Recipes

Who doesn’t love a pie, pasty, tart, or basically any shortcrust pastry recipes, sweet or savoury? Once you master the main event, the pastry, the rest is quite straightforward, I promise.

First, you need to follow my Perfect Shortcrust Pastry recipe which is not difficult at all, then away you go. The world is only limited by your imagination.

Here in Britain and Ireland we are a nation of bakers with our food is underpinned by some rather great pies, pastries, cakes, puddings and bread. Firmly in the list are our pastry goods, with you guessed it, pastry.

So many people say making pastry is difficult, can I say here and now, it is not.  Sure, it takes a guideline or two and tips to help you on your way but the rest is about finding a recipe you like and going for it.

My Best Shortcrust Pastry Recipes over on Spruce Eats.

Spruce Eats is a word leading recipe site that I have had the privilege of working for, for 14 years. Many of the recipes are written in metric and American measures. If they are simply American, I apologise. Please make contact and I will convert or here is a really useful converter for you.