The World of Yorkshire Food

Food, glorious food with a taster of the best Yorkshire dining for This is Y Magazine 2019 . It’s out of this world and will leave you wanting more.

Yorkshire is England’s biggest county, one of the most beautiful and also one of the nation’s largest producers of food. There are over 7,000 places to eat and drink from pubs, cafés and tearooms to Michelin-starred restaurants and everything in-between. No other area outside London has as many highly recommended places to dine listed in leading food guides. Chefs and cooks create food more vibrant and diverse than anywhere else in Britain. They use foods from Yorkshire’s magnificent coastline, vast countryside, cities and towns coupled with culinary inspiration from across the planet.

Best Yorkshire Food
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A gastronomic journey through Yorkshire is absurdly delicious, exciting and immensely varied. Expect to have your senses assaulted with an untold amount of tastes, scents and textures. A voyage rich with much-loved traditional foods from many cultures , not just Britain. Here are some of the best eateries in Yorkshire this year. Many of these restaurants are favourites of mine and amongst them you will find everything from street food style through to the finest of fine dining, from world-renowned restaurants.

Yorkshire Restaurant of the Year

The White Rose Awards are the most significant tourism awards in the UK, so winning one of these is acclaim indeed. The White Rose Restaurant of the Year 2018 is Skosh on Micklegate in York which opened in 2016 in the talented hands of renowned Chef Neil Bentinck. The word Skosh comes from the Japanese sukoshi for “a little” or “small amount” which neatly sums up the premise of this hugely popular restaurant. Exquisite food comes on small to medium plates with a range of influences not least from Japan and the Middle East, but don’t be surprised to trip over Galician or Punjabi and many others. My favourite is what is now considered Skosh’s signature dish of Hen’s Egg, Dale End Cheddar, Mushroom and PX Sherry. The atmosphere here is relaxed, prices are sensible if not bordering on cheap for food of this quality. An eclectic offer from one of Yorkshire’s most talented chefs.

The World’s Best Sunday Lunch 2019

Traditional foods are still very much the backbone of the county and what epitomises this better than a classic Sunday lunch of roast beef, Yorkshire puds and all the trimmings in a pretty country pub. If like me this is your dream way to spend a lazy Sunday, rest assured there are many, many to choose from here. The winner of the World’s Best Sunday Lunch 2018 in the Lonely Planet Guide …

Read the full article and find out all the other illustrious restaurants and eateries in this wonderful county.

Best Yorkshire Food
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