Back in early 2018, I reviewed Origin York recently then opened in Haxby.. It was an excellent evening let down from us being the only two in the place. The lovely restaurant didn’t make it with Haxby, or rather Haxby didn’t do it for them. They closed within a few months, but talent like that does not stay down and up they popped as Origin Helmsley, North Yorkshire.
Something had happened in the transition, and though talent in the kitchen was still there, with Maria Rodriguez storming it out front. What was missing that I had once found so endearing.? I had my thoughts as you can read in the review but sadly, the food suffered as a result.

Both Phil and Maria have taken exception to what I said, and I am sorry they feel like that ill, but as is always the way, every word I say is honest and bang-on when I am singing praises. It is quite the opposite when I don’t. I know though what went on, and unbeknown to many, when things go array, I hate it, I find it upsetting because I know they will not like what I say.

Still, you be the judge of it

“Eighteen months ago I wrote about my visit to Origin in Haxby; it was a filthy January night, the place was empty, and I worried for owners and business partners chef Phil Veal and Maria Rodriguez. Was the large-village-cum-small-town ready for their concept and how could they possibly sustain the pressure of only the two of them running the place – which is not easy for even the most experienced operators? Well, they didn’t, after several hard-working months they closed, and all went quiet…. read the full review of Origin Helmsley here.

Origin Helmsley 23 Bridge St, Helmsley YO62 5BG Tel:07973 509794,

Open: Wed – Fri 18.00 – 21.00; Sat 12.00-14.00 &18.00-21.00

Food 3/5

Welcome 4/5

Atmosphere 3/5

Prices 4/5

Image copyright Photo © Joe Dodsworth, Yorkshire Post

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