Baking Sets

This was a fun project testing bakeware sets for i-buys. Weeks of merrily baking away testing a range of baking sets from leading brands. There are eight sets to choose from of varying sizes and prices, some great for beginners and some for the more experienced baker.

Though all the products were excellent, the i-buy this time went to Lakeland’s set, this is what I had to say and you can read the full review of all the baking sets on i-buys.

“The Lakeland set felt like they have thought of everything with exceptional attention to detail. Not only did this bakeware feel good to hold, but it also has an attractive blue colour on the outside and a double layer of Quantum 2 professional non-stick within.

The ergonomic design of wide, safe grip handles on all but the springform, and clean edges meant no trapping of water when washing which in other pans can cause rust. Plus, some pieces have fill and sizing measures to prevent overfilling the pan and spoiling the bake.

All of this resulted in lovely, professional-looking bakes and we especially liked the flat, baking sheet for the biscuits, which even with no greasing, slid off the tray effortlessly.

There may be only 5 (very useful) pieces in this set, but there are many more pieces to buy so will suit everyone from beginner through to professional.”

Read the full review on i-news


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