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Best Food Processors 2019

I am loving one of my newest commissions as an expert reviewer for the i-newspaper

The latest test has been the best food processors. What an eye-opener it has been, the breadth of these kitchen workhorses is staggering both in price and quality. I have my standouts and these tend towards the mid-price range and more known brands. Though I should say, my demands on a food processor are heavy and expectations high.

It’s fun to head to the kitchen and road test, and in some instances cook and taste amazing products. There’s a few duff ones in there too but all helps in a good overview of what’s out there.

Before you buy a food processor whether from this list or not, you may want to ask yourself a few questions.

What do you want the processor for?

Are you a busy cook making family meals, baking, bread making and entertaining, or, do you merely want to speed up preparing ingredients? Your choice will help determine what functions are essential to you.

How much space do you have?

Multi-function processors are bulky, some with many attachments. Perhaps a compact style will suit you better?

How many are you cooking for? 

Buy a too small processor, and it will be frustrating, too big and you will not get the best out of it.

Do you need all those attachments?

Unless you are a keen cook, many will end of gathering dust at the back of a cupboard alongside the once-you-thought-would-be useful spiralizer you bought summers ago.

I will admit, my house looks more like John Lewis home department just now, but once I can figure out how to repack these machines most will be heading back to their suppliers.

What Are the Best Food Processors?

So what are the best food processors 2019, and how did they fare in this chef’s hands? You will have to head to the i-buys website to find out.

You will find i-buys and my review here.

Best food processors 2019

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