Giant Welsh Oggie

Meet the Giant of Pasties – The Oggie

March 1st is St David’s Day, the day to celebrate the Welsh Saint. The day is also a fab excuse to eat Welsh food. What better then, than a Giant Welsh Oggie, a beast of a pasty filled with lamb and leeks. The Welsh know how to do it. 

Learn How to Make the Oggie. 

On St David’s Day, the Welsh will wear daffodils or leeks which are the national emblems of Wales. The association with the leek is because it is considered healthy and virtuous plus it has healing qualities but it has also acquired mystic virtues too.  There are claims that girls sleeping with a leek under their pillow on March 1st will see their future husband in their dreams.  

Despite Wales being the smallest country in the UK, their wealth of food and drink is immense. The Welsh are famous for their fish, seafood, cheeses and meats, wines and they even make their own (excellent) Brandy, not just the Oggie. 


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