Shoulder of Lamb

It is Cold Outside

It is so cold outside as the ‘Beast from the East’ – the current weather front ripping through Britain is called – the sub-zero temperatures mean to the stove I head. Weeks like these demand nourishing, hot, tasty food for top-to-toe warmth. Top of the list – because it is a dish you can stick in the oven and go back to in 6 hours to find dinner all but ready – is a slow-cooked shoulder of lamb bobbing about in a sea of rich gravy surrounded by some hefty vegetables. 

Hope you love this as much as we do, plus it is a fairly cheap cut of meat so great for a family. 

A few other top-to-toe warming recipes:

Roasted Butternut Squash Curry

Vegetable and Pasta Soup

Beef Shin and Dumplings

Would love to hear what you think ....

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