Herbs Unlimited – Happy Birthday

If the nearest you come to herbs is a little garnish here and there, then where have you been for the last who knows how many years? Herbs have evolved from garnish to the main player in a dish alongside edible flowers and micro leaves used as much for their appearance as much as flavour. They are part of the chef’s palette when creating food, and without them, well let’s not go there as we have Herbs Unlimited to thank, but more of that later.

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3 thoughts on “Herbs Unlimited – Happy Birthday”

  1. Hello Elaine, I used to be French, but now live in Australia and also am Australian.
    I decided to have a go at the classic Buche de Noel (amongst many other recipes. I’m a little disappointed to know you are/were british as I feel this is so US. I don’t know how I’m going to fare with this recipe. and the 1/2 t spoon of expresso powder…I think I’ll just make a strong instant coffee and put a that amount …Would really 1/2 t spoon of liquid upset the recipe?
    I guess the web is international but I often cringe at US ways of doing things…Perhaps US people cringe at finding non US things on the web too!
    Anyway the photo looks very good, but I cheated with the merring mushrooms, used ‘craft white balls cut in half instead and a brown marker. I hope I won’t poison anyone! So I thank you for sharing this on the web.

  2. Hello Elaine. I was reading your item on samphire and was wondering if it has iodine in it. I have developed an allergy to shellfish and dulce. With having grown up in a seaside town in Ireland we ate a lot of both. Now I can’t but I can eat fish. Have seen samphire in local fish mongers but they don’t know if there is iodine in it or not. Do you know. I so hope so as don’t know where else to look. Thank you. Linda Riordan

    1. Hi Linda, I don’t know but I will try to find out. My advice with allergies is if in doubt – don’t. Unless I could get a definitive answer I would not like to comment. I am a good writer not a scientist. Cheers, Elaine

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