Easy Ciabatta Recipe

The current revival of Artisan bread in Britain is massive. Thank goodness. Now it is much easier to find and though at a premium in price, is worth it.   However, making your own is not as difficult as you would imagine; all they take is a little patience and planning as you will need to make a starter dough the day before.

Check out this recipe if you don’t believe¬†me.


5 thoughts on “Easy Ciabatta Recipe”

    1. Found out the problem. I put the link to my British Food site with and some idiot in New York had switched the starter sponge to the Victoria sponge. They arr always doing things like that. Drives me nuts as it makes me look stupid. I have redone the recipe nowxxxxx

      1. I’ll go check it out I’ve never made a starter dough so that’s why your cuabatta recipe caught my eye.

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