Restaurant Review: The Pheasant Hotel, Harome

Recently voted Best Small Hotel at the 2016 White Rose Awards, read why one of my favourites is still doing it right.

Review in Yorkshire Post – January 2017

Without traipsing over old ground, just how a village the size of Harome can be home to not one, but two restaurants is still a marvel. That both of these have the prominence most can only dream of simply beggars belief. They also share more than a postcode with one (The Pheasant) having been owned by the other (The Star) but now operate independently; don’t ask, it’s complicated but seems to be working.

The Pheasant recently scooped up the prestigious accolade of Best Small Hotel at the White Rose Awards. Hence why I was once more headed up Sutton Bank and battling the wind and rain howling across the Moors, in hope it would be worth it.

The Pheasant is saturated in classic English country style, which, though appearing effortless is so carefully thought through that it scoops you up and envelops you in its cosiness. Sinking into an over-sized, under stuffed sofa (despite a slight grumpiness that early diners had bagged the fireside spots) life felt exceedingly good. So comfy was I that I could quite happily have had dinner on my knee.

 Chef director here is Peter Neville, a huge, if quiet, talent and it is no secret I am a fan. That said, three years have passed since I last ate here and back then I was staggered ………  READ THE FULL REVIEW
Photo © The Pheasant
Photo © The Pheasant

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